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Facebook-indiaFacebook expands the fact-checking network in India, adds 5 more partners to spot fake news

Facebook Monday said it has expanded its third-party fact-checking programme in India, adding names like India Today Group,, Factly and Fact Crescendo to the roster,

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facebook_indian-politicsFacebook unveils new transparency rules for political ads in India

Ahead of the upcoming Lok Sabha polls, Facebook on Thursday announced changes to the way political ads appear on its platform. As per the changes, the social media users will now be able

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facebookFaking it! Duplicate accounts on Facebook have grown over 3 times to more than 250 mn

Duplicate accounts in Facebook grew over three times to more than 250 million during the last three years when it comes to Monthly Active Users are concerned,

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facebook-google-snooping-appleEverything you need to know about Facebook, Google’s app scandal

Facebook and Google landed in hot water with Apple this week after two investigations by TechCrunch revealed the misuse of internal-only certificates — leading to their revocation, which

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Apple, Google, Facebook,Apple finally stood up to Facebook and Google like Tim Cook has been teasing — and it made a powerful point on matters of privacy

Apple this week revoked the enterprise developer licenses of Facebook and Google, temporarily disabling internal employee-only apps,

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Unhappy Teens, Mental Health, Stress, Social Media,It’s easy to blame Social Media: We must do more to help unhappy teens

Technology changes the medium but not the message. We still send out party invites and birth announcements, but by text and email as opposed to Royal Mail,

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Instagram should ban celebrities endorsing harmful diet products, says NHS’ most senior doctor

The NHS  cannot “keep putting out fires” if social media sites “keep lighting matches” by allowing celebrity endorsements of risky diet pills and other dubious health products, its most senior doctor has warned.

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Facebook, teen's device, scandals, social media,Facebook adviser criticises ‘lax’ child checks

One of Facebook’s independent child safety advisers has criticised the firm over a scheme that gave it access to teenagers’ highly personal information,

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Facebook, Despite controversy, general security, privacy,Tech Tent: Facebook weathers the scandal storm

On this week’s Tech Tent we ask what it will take to dent the enthusiasm of both users and advertisers for the social media giant.

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Philippines, Top internet usage,Japan, JakartaThe Philippines tops world internet usage index with an average of 10 hours a day

South-east Asia is one of the most internet-addicted regions on the planet, with the Philippines topping the global list with an average of 10 hours and 2 minutes of screen time every day.

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Startup India-WhatsApp Grand ChallengeWhatsApp announces ‘Startup India-WhatsApp Grand Challenge’, Rs 1.8 crore up for grabs!

To fuel the growth of India’s entrepreneurial and small business community, the Facebook-owned WhatsApp in partnership with Invest India launched

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Whatsapp-latest-news-and-updatesSix new features from WhatsApp that Indian users can’t wait for

Just a few days back, Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg announced that India’s much loved messaging service, WhatsApp, would be integrated with that

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facebookA Facebook team in Singapore monitor news threats to the upcoming Indian general election 2019

Yesterday (Jan. 28), Facebook uploaded a blog post that discussed measures that the company is taking to fight fake news and maintain the integrity of elections across the globe.

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Spreading fake news? Twitter is testing a new feature that would help track the original tweeter

In a bid to curb the spread of fake and abusive content with untraceable origins on its platform, micro-blogging platform

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Social Media Advertising Strategy on Each Platform

Is advertising part of your social media strategy? While organic social media marketing plays an important role in a successful content marketing campaign,

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Launches Quick Replies: Facebook is expanding WhatsApp Business

After unveiling new updates to WhatsApp Business last year, the messaging app’s parent company, Facebook,

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Can social media really recreate itself as ‘mindful media’?

Despite predictions that 2019 will see consumers making more conscious decisions around media consumption in the pursuit of wellbeing,

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Social Media Analytics Is Failing As Social Media Becomes More Visual

Social media and the web at large are becoming ever more visual worlds. Rather than share the world around us through words,

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Facebook to launch a political ads library in India next month

Facebook will put all political ads on its platform in India in a searchable online library starting next month.

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Facebook creates new organisational structure for India

FILE - This photo taken on March 22, 2018 shows apps for WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram and other social networks on a smartphone.Study Links Social Media Addicts, Substance Abusers

Is Facebook’s ‘10 Year Challenge’ meme a creepy facial recognition gambit?

10 Social Media Trends That Will Matter Most in 201910 Social Media Trends That Will Matter Most in 2019

Image result for Social mediaSearching for news on RBG? YouTube offered conspiracy theories about the Supreme Court justice instead.

Social Media (Again) Shown To Be Worse For Girls’ Mental Health Than Boys’

 Image result for whatsapp fake messages illustrationHOW WHATSAPP FUELS FAKE NEWS AND VIOLENCE IN INDIA

Social-mediaSocial media giants plan push-back on India’s new regulations: Sources

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