diabetesCut Sugar, Lose Body Fat & Quit Smoking: Lifestyle Habits To Ditch Diabetes 

The rising prevalence of diabetes is primarily driven by a combination of various factors such as rapid urbanisation, sedentary lifestyles, unhealthy diets, tobacco use, and even increased life expectancy.

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Weight loss: 5 weekend tips to lose weight faster - Eat right, sleep right and repeat!Weight loss: 5-weekend tips to lose weight faster – Eat right, sleep right and repeat! 

The second month of the new year is almost halfway gone and now it is time to look back at the resolutions you made, how many did you keep and how many didn’t last even a week.

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FastingFasting may not only help people lose weight but also boost metabolism: Study 

Occasional fasting may not only help people lose weight but also boost their metabolic activity, generate antioxidants, and reverse some effects of ageing, a study claims.

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The Depression Symptoms: With Just Anger, Associated With Sadness, We Rarely Talk About

Anyone who has ever gotten cut off in traffic or stubbed their toe on a coffee table knows how quickly anger can go from zero to 100. Most of the time, getting mad is just a part of being human.

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Protein-Rich Indian Vegetarian Recipes That You Must Try For Weight Loss And DiabetesVEGAN: Protein-Rich Indian Vegetarian Recipes That You Must Try For Weight Loss And Diabetes

Many health experts and nutritionists around the world have always emphasised on the need to include adequate protein and protein-rich food in your diet, especially if you want to lose weight

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Weight Loss: Four Raw Food Recipes To Shed Extra KilosHere are some weight-loss-friendly raw food recipes you could try at home

The trend of raw food has become quite a rage in the world of food and nutrition. In the past couple of years, we have witnessed many global movements like raw foodism and raw veganism,

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cherriesInclude These 5 Foods In Your Diet May Help You Combat Exam Stress

Thousands of school-going students across the country are going through a period of intense stress as board examinations are about to begin. CBSE recently released the board examinations

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World cancer day 2019World Cancer Day 2019: Foods And Drinks That Are Most Likely To Increase Risk Of Cancer

World Cancer Day is an international day, which is marked on 4th February to increase awareness of cancer, and to encourage its prevention, early detection and treatment.

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food for mental healthFoods To Boost Mental Health

Nutrition is fuel for the body and that doesn’t just mean for muscles and bones, it also fuels the brain. In other words, what we put in our body not only effects our energy and our output but also how we feel.

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Mental Health Break. Coffee Break. Depression.5 Signs You Need To Take a Mental Health Break

Whether you’re suffering from an illness or feeling overworked or overwhelmed, sometimes you just need a break.

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Air Pollution. Mental Health Problem.Beware: Growing up in dirty air ‘quadruples chances of developing depression’

Children who lived in areas with higher air pollution when younger are significantly more likely to have developed major depression by the age of 18, according to research.

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Weight gainHeavy work pressure may be the reason for gaining weight

It turns out gaining weight because of heavy work pressure is not just an abstract concept. A recent study suggests that massive pressures

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Master cleanse – Lemonade diet for weekend detox and weight lossLemonade diet for weekend detox and weight loss, help to cleanse the body of toxins

The weekend is the time to unwind and get with the latest trends in the market in apparels, shoes, and even weight loss. The newest, most effective weight loss

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skin hyderateIn winter, how to hydrate your skin from the inside

There are things you can do from the outside-in to prevent skin moisture loss in winter, including keeping showers brief and tepid,

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Here’s How You Can Balance Your Work Life and Health

Having a busy work schedule that includes long flights, sleep deprivation and the pressures of work can make life stressful and exhausting.

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Lack Of Sleep: researchers are exploring the two-way street between disrupted sleep and disease

In the screen-lit bustle of modern life, sleep is expendable. There are television shows to binge-watch, work emails to answer,

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Fried chicken, fish linked to increased risk of early death: Study

Regularly eating fried chicken or fish is associated with a higher risk of death from any cause, specifically heart-related mortality

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Optimism may cut diabetes risk in women: Study

Positive personality traits such as optimism may help reduce the risk of developing type 2 diabetes, a study conducted on postmenopausal women claims.

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In stress? Remember your romantic partner and keep BP down

Having a romantic partner present – even in your mind – can help you keep blood pressure down in daily stressful situations, say researchers.

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Make these 3 simple food changes in your weight loss diet to get rid of your belly fat in 1 week

No matter how much you plan and try to achieve the perfect hourglass figure, losing weight can be hard for several physiological and psychological reasons.

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These Are The Possible Causes Of Cancer And Prevention Tips: Health Expert Luke Coutinho Tells Us More

Cancer has now become an epidemic. Every now and then we hear the sad news of someone diagnosed with this deadly disease.

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The time before cigarettes were bad for your health

You’d never see a marketing campaign like this today, without global outrage. But just a few decades ago, it was commonplace.

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Here’s why you should eat more almonds!

When one plans to stay fit and healthy, deciding upon the meal plan becomes important so that one can follow through with the diet. While one may be following a healthy meal routine,

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12 Foods You Should Have At Least Once A Week

Trying to find out what is most suitable for your diet can be really confusing. The nutrients which you need to lead a healthy life however are the same.

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 sleep, lack of sleep, insomnia effects, lack of sleep effects, sleep benefits, lack of sleep and heart problems, indian express, indian express news Lack of sleep can lead to heart problems: Study

The diet to save lives, the planet and feed us all?

Here’s how you avoid sugar detox effects: details inside

Tired Of Stubborn Belly Fat? These Simple Tips Can Work Like Magic To Get Rid Of ItTired Of Stubborn Belly Fat? These Simple Tips Can Work Like Magic To Get Rid Of It

You Must Do These For A Quick Weight Loss And Healthy LivingYou Must Do These For A Quick Weight Loss And Healthy Living

European Heart Journal, more than eight hours sleep harmful death risk disease risk, more than eight hours sleep harmful, is too much sleep harmful, how much sleep is good, sleep time, sleep and health time, indian express, indian express newsDecreased deep sleep may signal Alzheimer’s disease: Study

happy-lady-at-desk-meditating-hAll the ways your job is actually benefitting your health

A ‘Meaningful’ Life Is Connected To Better Health, Study Finds. But It’s Complicated

Researchers also found people who increased the amount of fibre in their diet had lower body weight, and total cholesterol Study backs high-fibre diet for health and weight

t's such an essential part of our diet, but chances are you're not eating enough of it.6 easy ways to hit your recommended fibre intake

Image result for sweet potatoesAre Sweet Potatoes Healthy? Here’s What Experts Say

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