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Valentines Day 2019: Best Chocolate Dessert Recipes You Can Make For Your Significant OtherValentines Day Special: Best Chocolate Dessert Recipes You Can Make For Your Significant Other

Valentine’s Day 2019 is just over a week away and people have started prepping to spend their special day with their partners. Plans are underway and restaurant bookings and flight tickets

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Rachel Roddy’s recipe for lemon risotto

While they are as much a year-round fixed kitchen component as milk, flour, forks and washing-up liquid, lemons particularly come into their own at this time of year.

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Chetan Makan's recipes, Indian Soup Recipes,Chetan Makan’s and four recipes for warming Indian soups

The humble potato shines through in this dish, with a little help from green chillies and fresh coriander. They give the soup not only beautiful colour but also a lovely dose of tangy heat.

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Cocktails, Bar, Aam Panna, Vodka, Food, Whiskey, Scotch, Tequila, Single Mart,All you want is here, aam panna in my single malt

Nothing delights a whiskey connoisseur like the golden hue of single malt dancing playfully with crystal clear ice cubes. The aroma ranging from smoky, citrusy, fruity, nutty or even toffee seduces

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5 food trends that will rule 2019, cook, trend, drink,Despite the wide variety these 5 food trends that will rule 2019

From surging health trends to hidden veg and non-veg cuisine, this is going to be another rollercoaster year in how we cook, shop, drink and eat at home and in restaurants.

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As the New England Patriots take on the Los Angeles Rams this Sunday, millions of Americans will be glued to TV screens as they root for their preferred team.

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Indian Chutney recipe, GoogleHindustan5 easy and fast, Low-calorie Indian chutney recipes and spread ideas for weight loss

We can’t deny the fact that there are a few things that hinder our progress when we try to lose or maintain weight. Some of them being dressings, sauces, pickles, chutneys, etc.

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7 Hearty and easy chili recipes you’ll love.

Chili is one seriously popular dish: In 2018, “chili” was beaten only by “cake” in Google recipe searches in the United States. It’s no wonder the stew is so popular

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South-Indian style Pepper Chicken Fry Recipe

You can give some rest to your woollen sweaters this winter for this “hot and spicy pepper chicken curry” will give you all the warmth.

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Image result for tofu akuriMeera Sodha’s recipe for vegan scrambled tofu

Scrambled tofu is not a poor substitute for scrambled egg but a genuine contender in its own right, and silken tofu’s mild personality Read More…

The recipe I can’t live without

Ten top cooks share the favourite dishes they return to time and again, including Diana Henry on Marcella Hazan’s chicken fricassée, Read More…

Easy meal-prep recipes: Healthier chicken Parm, bacon-fried Brussels sprouts

Eating healthy should be less about “you can’t eat that” and more about “here’s how you can eat that and still stay on track.”

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Related image Joe Wicks’ recipe for barbecue butternut quesadillas

These cheesy quesadillas are packed full of flavour and protein – and are perfect for making ahead if you are busy.

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11 Best Salad Recipes In Hindi | Healthy Salad Recipes11 Best Salad Recipes In Hindi | Healthy Salad Recipes

Image result for food recipes11 Vegetarian Blogs to Inspire Healthy Eating All Year Long

10 Healthy Pizza Recipes For Your Next Movie Night

11 Best Healthy Recipes | Easy Healthy Recipes

11 Best Healthy Recipes | Easy Healthy Recipes

Weight Loss: This High-Protein Desi Breakfast Recipe May Help Promote Weight Loss

Weight Loss: This High-Protein Desi Breakfast Recipe May Help Promote Weight Loss

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