The Best Hair Colors Guide For Fall

Fall’s new hair colours are like the changing leaves: You can always count on a new crop to emerge every season. Lately, we’re seeing colourists get extra innovative with fresh techniques and head-turning updates on familiar colours. It’s not always the shades themselves that catch our attention first, though. The names too have become increasingly, well, thirsty.

Last summer brought us cold-brew hair—as in the multihued shade of brown you get when you pour milk into your coffee—while root beer hair and espresso brunette were the front-runners for 2018. Even Lacroix hair bubbled its way up into our hair-colour lexicon.

It’s a recipe we’ve seen time and time again. Name a hair colour after a dessert or drink, and suddenly blond balayage becomes the much more appealing-sounding (or absurd, depending on your taste) blond-roast hair. But after careful inspection, we believe it’s not all a social media gimmick. As ridiculous as it might seem to sit in your colourist’s chair and request “s’ mores hair,” these names serve to call out some subtle tricks and innovative techniques you might otherwise miss. While dark-roast hair and cold-brew colour might look like just brunette to some, there’s more nuanced than you might think. Here we’re bringing you the best of these colours for fall, with options for every shade of blond, brunette, redhead, and everything in between. Order up.

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color 3


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color 6


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