Essentials for a Hassle-Free Travel in Monsoon


With Monsoons just around the corner, there are many things people might be planning to do. One of these might include vacationing with your loved ones. But Indian monsoon can make travelling difficult. One might get stuck in flooded streets or wade deep into the mud. However, there are still certain things one can follow to ensure a hassle-free trip/ during the rainy months.

Here is a list of 7 essentials that one need to have if they plan to travel this monsoon season:

Carry your own water bottle: Monsoons comes with their own set of problems. One of these includes unavoidable water contamination. So it is always better to carry your own water bottle.

Pack a medicine kit and mosquito repellent: No matter when you are travelling, a medicine kit is always a necessity. But during monsoon, one is always more prone to seasonal diseases so it better to pack a medicine kit. Along with that, one should also pack mosquito repellent or a net.

Carry umbrellas and raincoats: This is one of the most obvious yet important essential that one needs to carry. Invest in some good quality umbrellas as cheap ones tend to turn inside out when it gets too windy.

Carry some comfortable footwear: Ditch your heels and sneakers as they are uncomfortable to walk in. Instead opt for sandals, floaters or crocs.

Wear appropriate clothes: Since during the rainy season, clothes tend to take double time to dry, it is always better to pack synthetic clothes.

Waterproof Backpack: Well since your backpack is going to carry almost everything, it is better to switch your regular backpack with a waterproof one.

Hairdryer: A hairdryer will ensure that one doesn’t get sick from the wet hair. One can even use it to dry damp underwear.


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