WWE RAW: 5 Surprises that could happen after Stomping Grounds


WWE Stomping Grounds was a pretty cool show from Vince McMahon and his merry men. At a time when almost every move they make is criticized by the vocal internet fanbase, it’s good to see that they can still prove why they are the top dogs in the business.

But there is no rest for the weary because tomorrow is another day and a new day brings brand new programming. What surprises could we potentially see unfold on RAW this week?

Bear in mind that AEW Fyter Fest is this weekend and WWE will want to put its best foot forward to ensure that they make a point. While WWE has not really acknowledged AEW as competition, I’m sure that the AEW chants during the main event continue to haunt the company.

So, what can WWE do to ensure that the show is a roaring success?

#5 Shane McMahon turns on Drew McIntyre for failing to get the job done

So we know that Shane McMahon and Drew McIntyre will take on Roman Reigns in a handicap match on RAW. This is shortly after Roman Reigns defeated Drew McIntyre in what was a hard-hitting match at WWE Stomping Grounds, which went all the way. Let’s assume for a minute that Roman Reigns is to win the match against the devious twosome on RAW.

If you don’t believe me, there’s more than enough evidence to indicate that this will be the result. WWE has dragged this feud on all the way from WrestleMania and this needs to end, because the audience is getting bored of the two. Why wouldn’t it end with Reigns picking up the big win?

If McIntyre fails twice, McMahon can have Elias and The Revival gang up on him. This would turn him face and could lead to a big SummerSlam program.

#4 AJ Styles turns heel

Now, the fact of the matter is that Ricochet is a babyface through and through. He’s got all the fancy moves, the innocence and charm of a good guy, as well as the support of the WWE Universe backing him up at every corner. So, if he’s feuding with AJ Styles, the latter has to turn heel.

It does seem like all the elements are in place for Styles to actually go heel. I mean he has the support of Gallows and Anderson, and generally, the heel has the numbers advantage. He also has the benefit of being significantly better on the microphone than Ricochet, which is a valuable tool in the heel arsenal.

AJ Styles turning heel will actually also give his character a much-needed reboot because he has started to get a little stale. He did show heelish tendencies during his feud with Seth Rollins for the Universal Championship.

#3 The Viking Raiders challenge The Revival

It was really embarrassing to note that almost every title was defended during the show except for the RAW Tag Team Championships. I mean The IIconics did not compete either, but we know that plans are afoot for them to feud with The Kabuki Warriors. We don’t know anything about The Revival except for the fact that they are allied with Shane McMahon right now.

I think that this week could see them start feuding with The Viking Raiders. The Raiders have raided through the division and should be up for a title shot very soon indeed. Because both teams are great representatives of the NXT system, they could essentially put on a very good match.

I don’t think that there will be a title change on RAW, but I certainly do think that the feud could be set in stone. Would you be kicked for such a contest, reader?

#2 Bray Wyatt finally makes an actual return

On paper, one can say that Bray Wyatt has made a return already through the Firefly Fun House segments. But to be honest, we’ve all been waiting to see how the gimmick translates to the ring from the videos, right? I mean this is a very big departure from the crazy stuff that Wyatt was doing, even with Matt Hardy.

Could we potentially see the arrival of the darker side of Wyatt’s character, the guy we know of simply as ‘The Fiend’? Maybe he faces someone like Corbin, who’s come out to complain about losing to Seth Rollins, and makes short work of him. I have a feeling that this character will be given a very big push.

I mean you just don’t invest in special segments for a character unless you believe wholeheartedly in the same. Vince McMahon obviously has very big plans for Wyatt.

#1 Alexa Bliss turns on Nikki Cross for costing her the match

WWE must have a very good reason for making Nikki Cross work so soon after her wedding with fellow SAnitY member, Killian Dain. I’m guessing that the reason is that there are big plans in store for her going forward that also feature one Alexa Bliss.

Nikki Cross did try to interfere in the SmackDown Women’s Championship match and in my opinion, the spot looked awkward, but the story spells out in this manner. Alexa Bliss is not the SmackDown Women’s Champion and knowing her character arc thus far, I’m sure she’s bound to be quite furious.

Will this result in her attacking Nikki Cross when she least expects it, to spark off a fight between the two? If this were to happen, it would make Cross a top babyface.

It would be a face turn that the WWE Universe loves.


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