Why you should avoid ultra-processed food – and what to eat instead

We are often told to ‘eat clean’ and avoid heavily processed and packaged food. Now a new study suggests consuming these foods can be linked to cardiovascular disease.


When it comes to tips for general healthy eating, most dietitians agree you should shop from the fresh produce aisles and avoid those foods with a list of ingredients you can barely pronounce. Makes sense, right?

Not only do simple foods such as fresh fruit and vegetables, lean proteins, nuts and legumes contain the best nutrients, they’re also not loaded with sugar and sodium that can be unhealthy.

Now, a large study has found that ultra-processed foods carry another risk – they are linked to a host of cardiovascular diseases.

This large, observational study published in the BMJ showed that there is a correlation between the consumption of ultra-processed food and a higher risk of cardiovascular, coronary heart and cerebrovascular diseases.

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