Whatever Your Tastes, Make Your Own Cup Of Coffee At Home


Unless you’re a coffee nut, you probably make your morning cup without putting much thought into it.

And that’s fine. But broaden your horizons and spend a little time experimenting, and chances are you’ll find an even better way to brew.

Different coffee-making techniques can have a big impact on taste, and some are better suited than others to be drunk black, or with milk.

Whether you’re wondering how to find the perfect grind for your filter or espresso, how best to store beans or simply what the experts really think of instant coffee, here’s what you need to know to make the best cup for you, no matter how you like it.

The many ways to make a coffee

There are more ways to make coffee than you can imagine.

There are espresso machines and espresso-like stovetop coffee makers. There’s filter coffee, which can be done in a plunger, as a “pour over” or in a machine.

And that’s just the start: there’s also pod coffee, cold drip, a variety of air-pressed methods and — for the mad coffee scientists — vacuum or siphon coffee.

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