25 ‘Game Of Thrones’ Mistakes That Slipped Through

HBO’s Game of Thrones has some of the most dedicated fans of any property, and the eagle-eyed ones have spotted several inconsistencies with the show over the years. After a decade on the air and eight seasons, the hit fantasy series has finally come to a close, and it hasn’t been a flawless conclusion. The entire season, and especially the finale, have divided fans on the direction that the story went and the pacing at which it unfolded, but some of the most public problems have revolved around real-world items accidentally appearing.

The internet had a field day with season 8 episode 4 after viewers noticed that a Starbucks coffee cup was visible on a table next to Daenerys Targaryen (Emilia Clarke). The drink is only in a few seconds of footage overall, but the mistake had already aired, and fans would not forget it. HBO has since made sure to digitally remove the cup from all future versions of the episode. This error may have been one of Game of Thrones‘ biggest, but it is nowhere near the first mistake that made it to air.

In honour of the coffee cup snafu, the latest Screen Rant video takes a look at 25 mistakes that have happened in Game of Thrones. These errors that occur are more than just real-world items being seen in the shots, though. Some hairstyles change from scene to scene, the heights of actors shifting depending on who else is in a scene with them and even extend to the opening credits in one instance. Check out the full list of mistakes in the video at the top of this post.

Jon Snow in Game of Thrones

While many are well aware of the coffee cup incident by now, some may not know about the computer charger cord that is visible in earlier seasons. But, Game of Thrones had another mishap in the series finale, as a plastic water bottle is visible behind Bran Stark’s leg. Just like the coffee cup, fans were quick to point out another mistake, but it didn’t become quite as big of a story given the overall discourse around the finale. It would be better if someone noticed these mishaps ahead of the episodes airing, but at least they don’t ruin the show or make for strange plot holes.

The same is not true about a few of the other instances mentioned in this video, though. One case that has bothered some is how Jon Snow has a scar on his face when he dies, but then it is no longer present after he is resurrected. While this could be chalked up to his body healing, the wounds on his chest have remained. Another grey area for fans has been Melisandre’s youthful look that she receives from her necklace. While we’ve seen her body change when she takes it off in later seasons, she was also shown without it around her neck in earlier seasons and still looks young. Game of Thrones is far from the only show to experience similar overlooked errors though, so at least it is not alone in this department.


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