‘Game of Thrones’ Leak: Season 8, Episode 4 Videos

Let the leaks continue!

As consistent with each of the previous episodes, scenes apparently from episode four of “Game of Thrones’” final season have leaked online, with a roughly 30-second video appearing on Twitter and YouTube hours ahead of the episode’s premiere.

The video appears to show the death of a relatively important character but was quickly removed from YouTube.

Reports of other leaks have also circulated, purportedly showing a second major death.

Episode four leaked in Thailand just a few hours ago, as a Redditor posted an image from the episode that won’t spoil it for you. Others have posted actual clips from it to prove the leak is legit — this is where you’ll find video spoilers from tonight’s episode if you simply can’t wait. On top of all that, it seems that some people are trying to make money off the episode as we speak.

With several hours left until episode four hits HBO, those wanting to remain spoiler-free may want to abstain from social media usage.

The fourth episode will continue from episode 3’s Battle of Winterfell, with last week’s trailer indicating the show will turn its gaze south to focus on Cersei and her remaining forces.

“Game of Thrones” airs at 9 p.m. ET on HBO.

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