Game of Thrones season 8 episode 4 trailer: Here what’s next?

After the horrors of war in the north, everyone’s picking up the pieces and moving south in a tense preview for Sunday’s episode.

game of thrones

After the Battle of Winterfell, the longest (and darkest!) battle in TV history, our heroes and their enemies are in the Game of Thrones: Endgame now. We lick our wounds — and we move south for another war.

Now… what’s next?


In the preview for episode 4, we see Cersei and Euron readying her troops from King’s Landing as Dany addresses what’s left of their own troops at Winterfell.

“We have won the great war, now we will win the last war,” says the Queen of Dragons with a smile on her face. Not sure how anyone is smiling after the Battle of Winterfell, but sure. It looks like the action is headed south, for more fighting, more ships and … maybe more deaths?

“We’ll rip her out, root and stone,” Dany declares menacingly at the trailer’s end. Sounds like bad news.

Game of Thrones’ fourth (and third last!) episode of the final season airs on Sunday, May 5 on HBO. Pray to the Old Gods and the New that it’s a little cheerier than episode 3.


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