WrestleMania 35: Roman Reigns makes a champion return

Roman Reigns entered MetLife Stadium on Sun., April 7 to a mixed reaction from the fans in New Jersey. But even in his first solo PPV match since returning from time off to get treatment for his leukaemia, the Big Dog probably wouldn’t have it any other way.

His opponent, Drew McIntyre, who was looking to complete a series of wins over the trio known as The Shield, entered accompanied by the NYPD bagpipe corps. That didn’t do him much good once he got to the ring, however, as Reigns slapped him repeatedly at the bell. McIntyre fired back with a spinebuster as the announcers questioned if Roman was ready for the match this big, on the Grandest Stage of Them All.

Despite his history of WrestleMania main events, Reigns didn’t look ready for the Scotsman. While inflicting punishment on Roman though, McIntyre talked a lot of trash. And he may have talked too much, especially when he mentioned departing Shield-brother Dean Ambrose. The Big Dog fired up after that and methodically began to take control of the action.

From there, it was what we’ve seen from Big Uce in ‘Manias past. After a spear, Roman Reigns was victorious.

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