Sunday Lunch Ideas And Recipes, Entertain This Weekend

Sunday lunch ideas for entertaining this weekend, from immediate family to a host of friends, including perfect roast chicken

Need some Sunday lunch ideas to wow your family and friends on Mother’s Day? Here you’ll find the best Sunday lunch recipes that are guaranteed to impress.

We’ve made sure you’ve got everything you need to guarantee a fabulous Sunday roast – all the sides, condiments and of course pudding too. From perfectly marinated meats to flavourful stuffing, and with both decadent desserts and lighter options, look no further for an unbeatable guide to planning the perfect roast.

It’s easy to get stuck in a cycle of cooking the same thing every Sunday, so we’ve included some interesting alternatives to what you might normally have. Take this sweet miso roast pork recipe that is sweet, sour and sticky all at once, and slow cooked to perfection. Everyone will be stuffed, but happy! There’s nothing better than bringing your family together over a wonderful meal.

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Roast Rib of Beef with Red Wine Gravy

What better way to honour a beautiful piece of beef that with a robust red wine gravy. A truly special gravy needs to be made with a good quality stock – it’s worth investing a little to get the best results. Serve with all the usual trimmings to upgrade your classic Sunday roast.

Get the recipe here: roast rib of beef with red wine gravy


Roast Chicken with Wild Boar Stuffing

Mix up your classic roast chicken dinner by serving it with a mouth watering wild boar stuffing and sweet garlic gravy. Cooking the garlic in the chicken infuses your gravy with even more flavour, and you can make your stuffing while the chicken is roasting to save time!


Roast Chicken with Rosemary and Anchovy Butter recipe-recipe ideas-new recipes-woman and home

Salty anchovies give a flavour boost to this regular roast recipe. The butter can be made using a microwave for extra ease and to free up space on your hob. Spreading this homemade butter under the skin adds moisture and flavour to the meat whilst ensuring a crispy skin.

Get the recipe here:  Roast chicken with rosemary and anchovy butter


Marinated Roast Lamb with Oregano, Garlic and Lemon

Tender and flavourful roast lamb makes for a perfect roast. Marinating the meat overnight in the zesty and herby blend of oregano, garlic, and lemon ensures you get even better texture and taste to your joint of lamb. This recipe gives you a few options on cooking time so that the meat is cooked just as you like.

Easy Roast Duck with Sour Cherry Chutney
Duck is a smaller bird, so can be a great choice for a Sunday roast or Christmas lunch if there are two to four of you. The tangy chutney complements the richness of the duck perfectly, and if there is any leftover it makes a wonderful addition to a cheddar or ham sandwich!

Get the recipe here: Easy roast duck with sour cherry chutney

Best Nut Roast

The classic vegetarian roast done right. Packed with nuts and seeds and enhanced with fresh herbs and punchy worcester sauce, vegetarians will love this centrepiece to a Sunday roast. Serve with all the trimmings for moreish meat-free meal.

Get the recipe here: The best nut roast
Whole Baked Salmon with Fennel, Ginger and Lemon

Seafood is often disregarded when serving a Sunday roast. Serving a whole fish not only looks impressive, it also makes sure the fish stays moist and delicious while cooking. The cooking juices, infused with lemon, ginger and fennel, can be served alongside the fish as a sauce.

Get the recipe here: whole baked salmon with fennel, ginger and lemon 

Vegetable and Truffle Tart

For a more sophisticated alternative to a vegetarian nut roast, try this vegetable tart. Filled with tangy cheddar, Jerusalem artichokes, sweet potato, and decadent truffle oil, these tarts are packed with flavour. The tarts can be prepared the day before, with the crumb topping added after they have been reheated before serving.

Get the recipe here:  Vegetable and truffle tart
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