Billion Voters Question: Will Modi Be Back?

Narendra Modi’s chances of returning to power in 2019 fall as a major poll predicts a hung parliament.


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BJP will return with an absolute majority, says Modi

Prime Minister Narendra Modi expresses the confidence that the BJP will return to power with “absolute majority” after the election. He says people have made up their mind to ensure the victory of the National Democratic Alliance in 300-plus seats.

People have already decided in favour of the BJP and are, therefore, not searching for a “competing face,” he asserts.

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Despite all, That bet on Modi is still likely to pay off, despite the party’s loss of Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan and Chhattisgarh to the opposition Congress Party. With growing envy among farmers and matters about job growth cited as significant factors in the defeats, the BJP is accusing local leaders and claiming that Modi insulated from the loss of support.


“Due to the lack of digital medium of voting in the election, a lot of voters also miss out on exercising their voting rights since many live in other cities for the job, business and education and have to skip voting because of travel constraints,” In short said. “As high as 45% of Indian voters in the survey cited that they will not be travelling back for elections if away from their hometowns.”

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Screen Shot 2019-03-31 at 4.48.08 PM.pngSacked BSF jawan to contest polls from Varanasi

The BSF constable who was dismissed in 2017 after he posted a video online complaining about the food served to the troops has said he would take on Prime Minister Narendra Modi in his Varanasi constituency in Uttar Pradesh. “I will contest against Prime Minister Narendra Modi from Varanasi constituency as an independent candidate,” Tej Bahadur Yadav told reporters in Rewari, Haryana on Friday. He said he wanted to contest the polls to eliminate corruption in the forces. “I had raised the issue of corruption but I was sacked. My first objective will be to strengthen and eliminate corruption in the forces,” he said.


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According to the India Today and Karvy Insights Mood of the Nation polls, a survey was done in the run-up to the 2019 general elections, if elections were held today the BJP-led NDA would only get 237 seats in Parliament, a drop of 89 seats from the 326 seats they got in 2014. This is less than the halfway mark of 273 seats needed to form the government.

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India trusted Narendra Modi. He has failed.

The failure lies not in the absence of great ideas but, rather, in their execution. It is not an intangible or a whim that can be dismissed, like it is so often, as a stepping stone to wisdom and success. Failure borne out of good intentions and risk is not the same as one resulting from ill-preparedness and weakness. Make no mistake, Modi’s failure belongs to the latter.

The Biggest Failures of the Narendra Modi Government:

  • Demonetisation
  • The betrayal of farmers
  • The questionable rewriting of the Rafale deal
  • Media capture
  • Weakening of institutions
  • Perhaps the biggest failure, the cultivation of hate
  • The mishandling of Kashmir
  • A draconian Aadhaar and the failed attempt to deny citizens a fundamental right to privacy
  • Erosion of India’s influence in Asia
  • Jobs


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