GST Authority clarifies on change/transfer in ownership of a sole proprietorship


The Goods and Services Tax, GST Authority has clarified that transfer or change in the ownership of business will include transfer or change in the ownership of business due to death of the sole proprietor. In a circular, Central Board of Indirect Taxes and Customs, CBIC said, that the transferee or the successor will be liable to be registered with effect from the date of such transfer or succession, where a business is transferred to another person for many reasons, including the death of the proprietor.

It said the applicant will be required to mention the reason to obtain registration as the death of the proprietor, in the registration form, GST REG-01 to be filed electronically in the common portal. The legal heir of the dead sole proprietor will be required to give application for cancellation of the existing registration.

The GST Identification Number, GSTIN of the transferee to whom the business has been transferred is also required to be mentioned to link the GSTIN of the transferor with the GSTIN of the transferee. In case of death of the sole proprietor, if the business is continued by any person being a transferee or successor of business, it shall be construed as a transfer of business. In case of transfer of business on account of the death of the sole proprietor, the transferee or successor will file Form GST ITC-02 in respect of the registration to be cancelled. CBIC said a mechanism has been specified for transferring unutilised input tax credit.

In an another circular related to verification of applications for grant of new registration, the CBIC said there have been instances when registration gets cancelled due to one reason or any other reason, such businesses prefer to apply for new registration rather than applying for revocation of cancellation of registration. It said, there is a possibility that such a person might not have furnished requisite returns and not paid tax for the tax periods covered under the old or cancelled registration.

It added that such persons would be required to pay all liabilities due from them for the relevant period in case they apply for revocation of cancellation of registration. Hence, to avoid payment of the tax liabilities, such persons may be using the route of applying for fresh registration. One can take separate registration on the same PAN in the same State.

CBIC has asked its officials to exercise due caution while processing such applications. It clarified that not applying for revocation or cancellation of registration will be deemed to be a deficiency and could be the reason for rejection of the application for new registration.

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