Kanchana 3 Trailer Released: Raghava Lawrence ’s fourth horror comedy after Muni


The trailer of Tamil film Kanchana 3 Cast Raghava Lawrence ’s has the natural ingredients of a horror film: a haunted house, creaky noises and faceless ghosts. Apart from these supernatural forces, the protagonist has to battle natural ones too: a group of thugs — trailer released on Thursday.

Produced by Sun Pictures, in the lead role you can see Lawrence. He is also the film writer and director. This movie is Lawrence’s fourth horror comedy after Muni (2007), Kanchana (2011) and Kanchana 2 (2015). All three films chronicled the misfortunes of the hero, played by Lawrence after he gets possessed by a ghost.

Kanchana 3, which also features Vedhika, Oviya and Kovai Sarala, is scheduled to be released this summer. A date is yet to be announced.

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