The long-rumored Diablo animated series that is supposedly being produced for Netflix may have finally been proven to exist by a recent trademark registration that hints that the series is still in development.

The rumors of a Diablo series started circulating in September 2018 when screenwriter Andrew Cosby posted on Twitter that he was in final talks to be the showrunner and writer of an upcoming Diablo animated show that was being made in collaboration with Activision and Netflix. Cosby’s tweet was later deleted and no official word has been released concerning a Diablo animated show, even though there has been a BlizzCon since then and the Diablo franchise has been in the news following the Diablo Immortal debacle.


It’s common for TV show and video game announcements to be spoiled by trademark registrations and it seems that Diablo is no exception. According to Spiel TimesBlizzard Entertainment has filed a trademark for a property called Diablo that is listed as being intended for “Downloadable films and movies featuring narratives based on a video game and provided via a video-on-demand service,” which sounds a lot like something is being produced for a service like Netflix. Cosby also wrote another tweet on March 14 where he talks about a secret project that he is working on and how he will be able to talk about it soon.

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Netflix has had tremendous success with their Castlevania animated series and it seems that they want to increase their video game adaptation portfolio. A Devil May Cry animated series that is connected to Castlevania is being developed for the service, as well as a Dragon’s Dogma anime series that was recently announced.

The Diablo universe is ripe for a televised adaptation, and the series could use some good press following a rocky end to 2018. Blizzard ended their 2018 BlizzCon event with the reveal of Diablo Immortal, which is an upcoming mobile game that was met with such a negative reaction that it caused Activision Blizzard’s stock value to take a hit. It seems odd that Blizzard didn’t save the announcement of a Diablo animated series for BlizzCon, as it would have made for a far better final reveal trailer for the convention than a mobile game that was being advertised to a PC gaming crowd.

The evidence of a Diablo Netflix show existing keeps piling up and it’s becoming increasingly difficult to deny that the Lord of Terror will be making his way to our screens in the future. The world of Diablo is filled with stories of epic fantasy that are just waiting to be told and Netflix has proven with Castlevania that they are fine with even the darkest tales being told, so long as they do justice to their source material.