Indian Funniest Political Ironies You Must Watch

In India, politicians are holy cows. Unusually does one make a joke out of them and in the rare instance one does, it under layers of allusions. But there are a few political ironies that take the cake, so here are our picks of some funniest ironies you must watch:

EIC: The Modi Song

In this video, they sing about our Prime Minister and the impact that demonetization has had on our country.

Modi Ji is Big Boss | Stand-up Comedy by Abijit Ganguly

A stand-up bit about Modi Ji and how awesome he is. Performed at Canvas Laugh Club, Mumbai.

So Sorry | गुजरात में BJP-कांग्रेस की रस्साकशी

There is a Tug Of War for the chair is going on in Gujarat between Congress and BJP. Sometimes Rahul Gandhi takes on BJP and other times BJP is pulling Rahul Gandhi.

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