On My Block’s Dramatic Season 2 Trailer Teases Ruby’s Tragic Fate, Will Drop On Netflix On March 29

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On My Block‘s season two trailer has arrived, and with it comes a few answers to the first season’s dramatic cliffhangers . . . JUST KIDDING! We’re still more confused than ever, and worried about the fate of both Ruby and Olivia. In the trailer, which confirms that the new episodes will drop on Netflix on March 29, we follow a camera through Monse, Ruby, Olivia, Jamal, and Cesar’s neighborhood, which is dotted with heartbreaking sidewalk memorials to children and teenagers who have died from violence in their area.

The end of the new footage is what fans of the show should keep an eye out for. The trailer wraps up with brief glimpses of Monse and Cesar preparing for a funeral, Jamal excitedly bathing in his windfall of cash, and Ruby’s mother and grandmother tearing up while looking at a photo of Olivia and their son. So, are they both dead? Or did just one of them perish after getting shot at Olivia’s quinceañera?

The very last shot of the trailer sees Ruby lying in what looks to be a casket with his eyes closed, but then he opens them at the very last second. What does it all mean, Netflix?! Luckily we won’t have to wait too long to find out.

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