To make your internet banking safer you need to strictly follow some precautionary measures

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Source: The Sentinel

Guard against those who’s out to make inroads into your account details while banking in the internet or online. Information regarding your bank account details, which you may leave anywhere casually or share with anyone, may land you in troubled waters. A mistake on your part may make you end up losing your entire bank balance at the click of a mouse.

Internet banking or online banking from internet café is not safe. A section of people running such café allegedly keeps some special software connected to their computer sets which keep your financial details preserved even after you logout your account. This section of unscrupulous café owners may share your account and other details with cybercriminals for financial gains.

Keep changing your password periodically. Always use very strong passwords, interwoven with numerals so as to keep hackers at bay. Always keep your PIN and password a secret, besides checking your account details regularly. Never give your account details over telephone and email. Keep anti-virus protection software. Never use public computer sets for internet banking. Check your browser to verify secure connection.

ATM is another source through which fraudsters may have excess to your account details. If you have the habit of leaving receipts from ATM after drawing cash from ATM kiosks, your savings is certainly in the danger zone. The receipts you leave out at ATM kiosks have your account number and its other details, which, if fallen into wrong hands, may spell doom for you. Your account may be emptied in no time.

Be selectively choosy in online banking. You need to have a clear-cut idea of companies’ credentials while making online payments with them. This is because you’re disclosing your ATM card, its validity period, CCV No/mobile No. and OTP (one-time password) while making online payment.

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