#NoToWar Is Trending In The UAE And The Feeling Is Mutual Across The Board

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Tensions in Kashmir between India and Pakistan reached new heights over the last week.

For the first time in nearly fifty years, Indian forces invaded Pakistani airspace and Pakistani military forces shot down two planes and captured one pilot. Pakistani forces have since returned the pilot to India, with Pakistani PM Imran Khan publicly calling for peace.

Relations between India and Pakistan have taken a turn and the threat of war hangs in the balance, however, in Dubai where Indians and Pakistanis co-exist peacefully, people are calling for peace.

#NoToWar is trending on Twitter

PM Imran Khan made a public call for peace, before releasing the pilot

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Amid citizens calling for peace

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‘So much of destruction and pain will only lead to more n more.’

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Some heartbreaking posts tell a true story

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A joint statement from Indian and Pakistani students at Oxford Uni, UK condemn all military actions

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People are praising the Prime Minister’s stance

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The general feeling across the board

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