The Division 2’s Endgame Armor Sets Sound Pretty Awesome

The Division 2MASSIVE


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The Division 2 is shaping up to be a potential monster, potentially capitalizing on the rocky launch of Anthem and this “down” period of Destiny which is producing only smaller annual pass DLC content. The Division 2 is supposed to have a robust 40 hour campaign and has been built from the ground up to support a sustained endgame.

Now we’re getting a real look at exactly what that endgame chase will look like with the first reveal of gearsets. The open beta is this weekend, and while last time during the closed beta we got a glimpse of specializations and higher level gear, the preview stopped short of true ultra-endgame builds.

But today Gamespot has a rather fantastic exclusive look at the first gearset from the endgame of The Division 2, the True Patriot set, which looks to be a departure from the sets of the original game. You should watch Gamespot’s video look at the set here, but here’s the basics of how it operates:

  • You apply a red debuff to enemies that reduces their damage output
  • Shooting an enemy with the red debuff applies a white debuff that gives you armor
  • I believe shooting an enemy with red and white gives you a blue debuff to them that grants you increased skill recharge speed
  • Once you get all three debuffs on an enemy, it starts to spread to other enemies in the area

The Division 2MASSIVE

I like the sounds of this because the bonuses have really nothing to do with just boosting your stats. A lot of the gear sets in The Division 1 were mostly just about dramatically increasing your stats for different playstyles. Rate of fire, headshot damage, shield health, gear damage, etc. While those sets still may exist, it seems that Massive is being more creative with how these sets are implemented in a way that reminds of me of yes, Diablo. I’m curious to see more of these and I have a feeling that others may have been given away to other gaming outlets to reveal (not me, unfortunately).

It’s easy to forget that The Division 1 didn’t even launch with gear sets at all and those had to be added later. It’s one of the many things that worked about The Division’s endgame evolution that has been carried over to the release of The Division 2. Something that say, Destiny 2 forgot to do with most of its improvements that happened over the course of Destiny 1.

I also find it interesting that out of the “big three” of Destiny, The Divisionand Anthem, only The Division has implemented gear sets, which have long been a staple of Diablo, the game that these three games are trying to emulate in various ways. Destiny is just starting to dip its toe in here with upcoming Gambit Prime armor that comes with bonuses for one activity when fully assembled, but it’s a far cry from what The Division is doing here. Anthem has made armor purely cosmetic, so they’d have to do something like “component” gear sets which wouldn’t quite be the same, and they seem lightyears away from doing anything like that right now.

I have my problems with The Division overall, but it does seem like The Division 2 is going to launch in a more solid state than any game in the looter shooter genre for each’s vanilla release. We’ll see if that prediction pans out soon enough.

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