How to play Facebook videos on WhatsApp without leaving chats

WhatsApp trick: You can share and play your favourite Facebook videos on WhatsApp without having to leave the app

WhatsApp allows you to play videos right from Facebook without leaving the chats (Source: Reuters)

Source: Financial Express

WhatsApp keeps getting nifty updates time-to-time that make it one of the most popular apps out there. Recently, the Facebook-owned company rolled out the facility to play videos from third-party platforms within the app that does not require the user to leave the app. It’s called the Picture-in-Picture, or the PiP, mode, which essentially means the videos shared from platforms such as YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram can be played without exiting WhatsApp. Facebook videos are shared about as much as YouTube. In fact, according to a survey, 47 per cent of consumers prefer Facebook over YouTube to watch videos online.

In the era of videos becoming the medium to disseminate news, stories, and more, WhatsApp plays a pivotal role in spreading them to even a bigger mass. Here’s how you can share Facebook videos on WhatsApp and play them instantly.

First, open Facebook with your account logged in. If you are using the Facebook mobile app (Android, iOS, or Windows 10 Mobile), switch to Facebook Watch tab to find videos recommended by the platform’s algorithm. Or you can just scroll through your feed to find videos posted by your friends, pages you like, or promoted content. Now, if you are on a PC, right click on the video thumbnail to obtain the video URL, but if it’s the app you are using, tap on the three dots on the top-right corner of the video snippet.

On PC, you can directly copy the video URL and share with your WhatsApp chats. On the app, tap on Copy Link to get the video URL and paste it into the text field within the WhatsApp chat screen. Before you hit the Send button, wait for sometime so that WhatsApp loads the preview of the video, in which case it will be playable in the PiP mode. As soon as the video information such as the thumbnail, video title, additional details appear, you are free to send the video to your chats.

Once the video is shared within a chat, both you and the recipient can play the Facebook video without having to leave WhatsApp. There will be a separate window that will pop-up the moment you hit the play button. The size of the video will fit the window that is smaller than one-fourth of the screen. In case, you want to watch the video in full-screen mode, tap on the window to open media control buttons and tap on the full-screen icon. The phone will turn into the landscape mode to play the video in full-screen. You cannot choose the quality of the video within WhatsApp as it is set to ‘Auto’ by default. Depending on the Internet speed, the video resolution will change.

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