20 New DC Movies Being Made Now (And 5 That Could Be)


The DC Extended Universe has had a rough start. It began in 2013, playing catch up to Marvel’s Cinematic Universe since day one. Since then, they’ve had a series of highs and lows (lots of lows). Movies like Wonder Woman and Aquaman have carried the DCEU, while old standbys like Brooding Bat and Overpoweredman have struck out. It’s been pivot after pivot for DC. Whether it be possible resets to the entire continuity, or weirdly basing like, half of their movies around Harley Quinn for some reason, DC has a lot going on.

So many in fact, that they have a plethora of different movies that are all in various different stages of development. Some have already been filmed, some have been discussed once and then literally never again, and some are in between. Some are literally outside of the canon! No matter how far along they may be, we have 20 movies that are currently in production for DC, along with 5 that are rumored. 90% of these movies involve Harley Quinn for some reason.

25 In Development: Shazam

Oh good! Here we have one DC movie that can’t be canceled or pushed aside indefinitely, as this movie is coming out in April! Based around the superhero Shazam, this movie, aptly titled Shazam!, follows a young boy who can turn into the superhero by shouting the word, you guessed it… Shazam. Okay, Shazam is starting to not sound like a word anymore. Anywho, this movie has shown to have a few ties to the larger DC Extended Universe, with references to Batman and Superman, so it will be interesting to see if we get any cameos in the movie.

24 In Development: Joker

This one is a little strange.

So, it’s Joker, but not like, Jared Leto’s problematic my entire cast hates me because I sent them an actual pig carcass Joker.

Ya feel?

Set outside of the DC Universe, this standalone story is a Joker portrayed by Joaquin Phoenix. It is a lower budget, crime-oriented movie set in the 80s. If this new style of DC movie does work out, it could be a great new way for DC to help continue and diversify itself from Marvel.

23 In Development: Birds Of Prey

YES. Pardon my scream, but how can I not be excited for this rated-R team-up movie featuring Harley Quinn (who has left the Joker because she does not need a man), Canary, Huntress, and Renee Montoya? This is awesome! The film is currently right in the middle of principal photography, and following the success of Oscar Award-winning (I still can’t believe I get to say that) Suicide Squad, DC has a lot riding on the success of this film.

22 In Development: Wonder Woman 1984

With Wonder Woman being the DCEU’s only success up until Aquaman, there was no doubt that the movie would receive a sequel. Set in the height of the Cold War, this movie sees Wonder Woman take on Cheetah (yes), played by Kristen Wiig (yes, absolutely yes). Also, Steve Trevor is somehow there, but director Patty Jenkins (triple yes) has assured us that it all will make sense. She also confirmed that this sequel has a scene reminiscent of the first movie’s “No Man’s Land” sequence. Sign me up.

21 Rumored: Justice League Part 2

RIP. That’s about all I have to say for this movie.

The Justice League Part 2 film was always in the plans for the Snyderverse, but everything changed when, you know, that went down in massive flames.

Now that solo movies seem to be the name of the game for the DCEU, I wouldn’t hold my breath for this film anytime soon. But hey, hopefully, one day we can have another Justice League. Never give up hope!

20 In Development: Suicide Squad 2

This film, better known as it’s official title The Suicide Squad (okay, what?) is actually happening!

Set for a 2021 release, this will feature the return of characters such as Harley Quinn and everyone else that was in that movie!

It will be interesting to see where this fits on the docket of the 47 different Harley Quinn movies that DC has lined up right now, but is any movie with Margot Robbie in it really a bad thing?

19 In Development: The Batman

The Batman certainly exists and that is something I say with a moderate amount of confidence. The movie is supposed to be coming out in 2021, and will be Affleckless. The title is set to feature a younger Batman, so whether that means a movie set in the early 2000s or 90s, or a new Batman entirely, is yet to be seen. However, the film will be a crime-style, detective movie, which will be very interesting to see.

18 In Development: Aquaman 2

Aquaman 2 is another movie that Warner Bros. immediately went ahead with, following the success of its predecessor. As it is now the highest grossing DC film ever, taking out the entire Dark Knight trilogy, this was basically a given. While we don’t know any plot details, James Wan is back as director. It is exciting to see DC actually moving forward with new projects, rather than unveiling 47 that are all in limbo, which, ahem… is territory this list will now be moving into.

17 In Development: Batgirl

Batgirl is going to happen.

Like probably 100%. Maybe. At some point soon! Hopefully.

Originally attached to Joss Whedon, this movie hasn’t really been mentioned in months. Now in the hands of Birds of Prey writer Christina Hodson, she has assured us that the script is being worked on. However, considering we have a DC slate up to 2021 with no mention of it, we might be waiting quite a while for this film.

16 Rumored: The Penguin

This idea has received far fewer rumblings compared to the other films on this list, but tell me this wouldn’t slap? We really haven’t explored much of Batman’s world of villains so far throughout the DCEU, and giving one like Penguin his own movie would be amazing! Gotham’s list of villains and anti-heroes has a wide, super-interesting cast to choose from though, and any of them would be a great choice to spotlight for their own solo film. Catwoman, anyone?

15 In Development: The Flash

The Flash movie is in the territory of, like, this could easily happen but I could also easily see this movie never being brought up again by WB until the day I perish. DC once had their sights set on a Flashpoint movie (more on that later), but that was when the DCEU as a whole was sinking faster than the Justice League sank at the box office. While we haven’t heard much about this movie, it hasn’t been canceled yet, and I would personally love to see more of Ezra Miller as The Flash.

14 In Development: Cyborg

So, probably not? Originally slated for a 2020 release, the standalone Cyborg film is now slated for a “DC hasn’t mentioned this movie in years” release. This is one of those movies that was planned before Justice League happened, and while it isn’t necessarily deceased in the water, but I also don’t see it showing up anytime soon. Just let me have my buddy-cop Flash and Cyborg movie happen please. At the very least, we’ll be getting the character in the Doom Patrol series later this year!

13 In Development: Green Lantern Corps

This is also a movie that might be coming out, but probably not! Another one of the Justice League era promises that were prophesied to never be fulfilled. The presence of the Green Lanterns was alluded to in the aforementioned movie, yet only in a passing moment. While the fate of this film is currently up in the air, After the Ryan Reynolds fiasco of old, we’re owed a new movie centered on any of the characters who have previously taken this name.

12 In Development: Justice League Dark

It’s the Justice League but the spooky version! Centered around a team of superheroes that take on tasks that seem unfit for the regular Justice League (such as sorting out drama between the Kardashians), this could be a very interesting idea to center a film around, that could bring a whole new franchise with it. We have heard a few mentions of this project still being worked on, but it doesn’t seem like it will be moving forward anytime in the near future.

11 Rumored: Flashpoint-Style Reset Movie

While this seems a bit less likely now that the DCEU has found its footing with solo movies, discussions of a Flashpoint-style film to reset parts of the universe, such as Ben Affleck and Henry Cavill, have been running rampant ever since WB announced the movie a while back. While it’s now just a Flash movie, this method could be used in order to enlist some new talent for characters who will be losing their actor soon.

However, if Gal Gadot goes, I also go.

Keep that in mind Mr. DC.

10 In Development: Gotham City Sirens

A movie based around a team of all of Gotham’s femme fatales (including, surprise surprise, Harley Quinn), collectively known as the Gotham City Sirens, is like, so exciting. While this project is on hold due to its similarities to Birds of Prey, I am “preying” (hahahaha) that this movie does end up getting released, because this would definitely be so amazing. I mean, a big screen, live action trio of Catwoman, Harley Quinn, and Poison Ivy is literally probably to send me into an excitement coma.

9 In Development: Nightwing

Edgy Robin, excuse me, I mean Nightwing, is another film currently in the works over at WB. While this could be another really cool area of DC’s lineup to explore on the big screen, don’t get too excited. The only info we have right now on the film is the director giving us a solid maybe that it is actually still happening.

That’s not troubling or anything.

If this movie is still happening, it will be years before we get it, so, just be happy we at least have live-action Dick Grayson in Titans.

8 In Development: Deadshot

Is this movie still happening? Really couldn’t tell ya. Deadshot, Will Smith’s character from Suicide Squad, is set to receive his own movie… at some point. While it originally seemed that the film was canceled, Will Smith provided an update on the film, basically saying that it would still be done if a good idea came along.

So essentially, no one is working on it in any capacity right now… but maybe!

I can confidently say that this movie may or may not be made!

7 In Development: New Gods

Ava DuVernay, the director behind movies such as A Wrinkle in Time, is currently signed on to direct a New Gods film. While some of the New Gods characters have featured prominently in the DCEU, namely Steppenwolf as Justice League’s primary antagonist, we don’t really know what direction a film based around the characters would go, but it would give us a great chance to see a new side of the DCEU that has yet to be explored.

6 Rumored: Man Of Steel 2

Man of Steel 2. This one is a little bit of a mess. While this film has long been talked about (yet never confirmed), Zack Snyder is rapidly slowly exiting the DCEU, meaning plans for this movie seem to be leaving along with him, as his vision for DC isn’t being followed very closely anymore. Along with that? Henry Cavill might also not be in the DCEU anymore? Truly I have no idea what is going anymore in this little extended universe.

5 In Development: Supergirl

Supergirl’s origins differ depending on who you talk to (this is comic books, when I say differ I mean she’s literally 14 different people), but the most relevant version of the character is Kara Zor-El, cousin to Superman. As she is the alien’s cousin, she retains all of his awesome powers! There is a movie starring Supergirl that seems to be in production, which WB plans to hire a female director for. However, as of now, no news has emerged from the project.

4 In Development: Blue Beetle

Jaime Reyes’ Blue Beetle, that has all the powers you would expect out of a beetle that is blue, is getting his own movie!

This is one of those movies that is being produced and that’s pretty much all we know (like 90% of this list).

Considering this character has made many appearances in all sorts of different DC media, a big screen appearance makes sense for his next venture. Hopefully, we get an update on this movie soon, with no new news since November 2018.

3 In Development: DC Super Pets

Yup, you heard it right. The movie we have all been waiting for, DC Super Pets, is finally no longer just a pipe dream in the hearts of millions, no billions.

While we literally know nothing about the movie… wait that’s the entire sentence.

We don’t know anything. Besides a May 2021 release date, we have no info about the movie. It could be animated, or could be a Jungle Book style CGI film. Either way, this is certainly not one direction we expected DC to take their cinematic universe.

2 In Development: Black Adam

Black Adam, the villain/antihero of the Shazam! series of DC, currently set to be played by The Rock, will be receiving his own movie. While he was originally set to appear in the upcoming Shazam! film, his inclusion was scrapped in order to save his first appearance for his own film. Honestly, The Rock is great in anything, so this is an exciting development to see! Let’s just hope Shazam! does good so it doesn’t cancel 47 other films connected to it like another little movie I know.

1 Rumored: Harley Quinn Vs. The Joker

Another one of the several thousand Harley Quinn movies that’s currently rumored to be in production, we have some sort of a movie based around Harley Quinn and The Joker’s relationship.

We don’t really know what’s happening with this, as it seems that Harley is a single and ready to mingle woman in Birds of Prey.

It could be some sort of reconciling that brings this movie to the fold, but as of now, it might not even be in production.


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