NDTV’s Hindi news channel, NDTV India, won the jury choice award for the best news channel of the year at the ENBA news broadcasting awards ceremony held on Saturday. In his acceptance speech, popular NDTV India anchor Ravish Kumar made some stark comments on the jingoistic coverage of the Pulwama attack on some news channels in the country.

Addressing the gathering, Kumar said that all news channels that are propagating terror and violence under the guise of nationalism should introspect. He said that the rules of journalism state that it is important for news anchors neither to get carried away by passions themselves, nor to instigate others to do it.

Not mincing his words, Kumar delcared, “Mai maza kharab nahi karna chahta par aap sab channel walo ne Hindustan ka maza kharab kar dia hai.(I do not want to ruin the evening, but all you news channels have ruined the evening for India.)”

Kumar also urged citizens to fight for the paramilitary forces’ pension in case they need to prove their nationalism.