Here’s How Android Q’s Dark Mode will work over third-party apps 

Google’s new operating system, Android 10 Q is expected to bring in a system-wide dark mode. But how will the dark mode work over third-party apps that don’t have a native dark theme?

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Android Q will have a system-wide dark mode,, which will work over third-party apps. (Image source: Youtube/XDA Developers)

Android Q or Android version 10 as it is being called, will see a new system-wide Dark mode. Previously XDA Developers had posted a video. which showed the Dark mode in Android Q, and this was based on a test build of the AOSP (Android Open Source Project).

The website has now posted a detailed analysis of how Android Q’s Dark Mode will work over third-party apps. Google appears to be applying the Dark mode or the Night mode across third-party apps like Slack, Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp, etc, based on the screenshots shared.

As the report points out, some of these apps like Snapchat or Slack are already using the night resource qualifiers, which is needed for the Dark mode, and this ensures that the app looks great when the mode is switched on. This works even if the app does not have dedicated night mode option in the settings.

However, not all third-party apps are embracing the dark theme using the resources, and some like Facebook and Instagram do not look great, notes the report. Google’s own apps like YouTube, News, Play Games, Maps, Play Store, Gmail, Phone, Contacts and more have been made compatible with the Dark mode.

It is difficult for the system to pick the right dark mode colours for apps that don’t have a native dark theme, says the report, and that’s also why Google wants third-party developers to incorporate this in their apps.

Dark mode has become a popular new trend on operating systems. Even Samsung has introduced one with its Galaxy Note 9 and Galaxy S9 series. Samsung’s Night Mode applies to the native apps on the phone, and not all third-party apps.

The reason why Dark mode or Night mode is gaining preference is that it is better for the eyes, since it filters out the harsh blue light and is also easier for battery conservation.  On Android Q, Dark mode when activated is applicable throughout the user interface including volume panel, power menu, notifications, system app, etc reveal the screenshots.

The Settings app will have a new “Dark Mode” option in the Display tab, where users will be shown options like Always on, Always off, or enable automatically at night and disable in the morning for this Dark Mode.

It should be noted that the beta AOSP build of the operating system is not what the final version of what Google will showcase at its I/O conference. The final version of Android Q might look completely different. The latest ASOP build was created in January 2019, and comes with the Android Q security patch for the month of February.

Source: The Indian Express

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